Exercises , Advices & Stretches

Abdominal exercise
Vertical leg crunch
Reverse abdominal crunch
Plank Ab
Bicycle exercise
Ball crunch
Ankle Exercises
Plantar flexion
On Toes and on Heel
Back exercises
Waist to Waist
Side to Side
Quadriped Back exercise
Quadratus Lumborum Exercise
Posterior Pelvic Tilting
Mckenzie from standing
Mckenzie extension from prone
Knee to chest with rotation
Knee to Chest
Half Bridging
Crossed knees to chest
Buttock squeezing
Back Extension from prone
Balance board exrecises
One leg
Cervical Exercises
Static Sidebending
Static Extension
shoulder retraction
Chin in
Cervical range of motion
Core exercises B
Core exercises A
Bicycle crunch
Forarm supination
Forarm pronation
Elbow Flexion
Elbow extension
Foot exercises
Toes squeeze
Toes spread
Toes dorsiflexion
Toe gripping
Hamstring Exercise
Knee flexion from prone
hamestring curl
Hand exercises
Fingers spread
Fingers Flexion
Hip Exercises
Trendelenburg Exercise
Supine Hip Abduction
Sitting Hip External& Internal Rotation
Single leg balance with hip flexion
Hip Flexion from sitting
Hip Extension from prone
Hip and knee flexion
Hip adduction
Hip Abduction
Wall Push
Shoulders forward
Lymphedema upper extremity stretches
Lymphedema upper extremity self drainage exercises
Lymphedema upper extremity range of motion exercises part 1
Lymphedema lower extermity self drainage exercises
Lymphedema lower extermity range of motion exercises
Knee Tucks
Head Turns
Head rolls
Clear Supraclavicular Nodes
Arm Circles
Quadriceps Exercises
Straight leg raising
Static Quadriceps
Squatting on wall bar
Squatting back to wall
knee Extension from sitting
Quadriped Exercise
Side plank
Quadriped Exercise
Modified plank
Rhomboids Exercises
shoulder retraction
Active Rhomboids exercise
Shoulder Exercises
Shoulder retraction
Shoulder P.N.F
Shoulder Internal and External rotation
Shoulder Glides
Shoulder flexion on wall
Shoulder Flexion
Shoulder Extension
Shoulder Elevation
shoulder Adduction
Shoulder Abduction
pendulum exercise
Internal rotation assisted by a towel
Flexion with External rotation
external rotation on wall
circumduction from abduction
behind neck
behind back
Abduction with External rotation
Abduction on wall
Wrist exercises
Wrist flexion
Wrist extension
Ulnar deviation
Radial deviation
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